All week I have had to remind myself that I don’t want to be the type of person who wishes her life away. Those types of individuals often say things like:

-I can’t wait until 3:30 or 5:00.

-Ugh, Monday, again. I can’t wait until Friday.

-I just need this week to be over.

-Is it Friday yet? (Asked Monday morning.)

Those statements are ones that I myself have made countless times. I feel like individuals who say things like that, especially me in the past, are ultimately setting themselves up for being unhappy. And I think that we are all striving to be a little bit more happy and a little less unhappy.

At the beginning of this school year, surrounded in so many ways by change, I made a commitment to myself to try (cliché coming) to live in the moments that I had and embrace them.

This commitment didn’t come with stipulations. I didn’t say that I would only live in the moments that were happy, or that I would only live in the moment on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, or on breaks and holidays. I said that I would live in the moment around the clock.

It isn’t always easy and I often have to remind myself of my promise. The last couple of weeks have been especially hard because Oliver has forgotten how to sleep through the night and has been getting up a ridiculous every 2-3 hours for going on three weeks now. Even though I’m beyond sleep-deprived, I know that one day I’m going to look back and wonder what happened to this time and ask myself how he got so big. Right now, I’m embracing whatever comes my way with him.

This thought shift has truly revolutionized my days. At first I did it just because of Oliver- he’s growing so fast and if I’m wishing my days away then I am also inadvertently rushing him through the baby phase. Now, I’m doing it because I want to be the type of person who enjoys every moment that I can, and that doesn’t waste valuable time dreading the moments that are coming.

This week has been a week full of reminders because I get an entire week off for Thanksgiving. I’m excited to have the week off; part of me wants to fill the extra time with projects (like painting the piano and dining room table) and another part of me wants to rest and read books and write and drink copious amounts of decaf coffee.

No matter what I decide, I’ll be sure to embrace it.

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