One of the focuses in the article that I shared with you all titled The Ultimate Productivity Cheat Sheet (see my post here) is all about being more efficient with our time. The article asks you to think about how you spend your day, literally telling you to break your day down into time-slotted chunks, and then find times where you could be more efficiently working towards a goal that you have.

This identification of free time for me was pretty easy. I spend about 35 minutes in the car every morning and afternoon commuting to my job in Rogers. That was time that I could easily spend more efficiently. Sometimes I listen to audiobooks, but I’m never consistent, so I needed something that worked better for me. That’s when I found DIY MFA. I bought Gabriela Pereira’s novel, DIY MFA, at Barnes and Noble because I don’t have the time to do a traditional MFA. It just isn’t in the cards with a family, a full time job and a part time job. I wanted to break down my craft into manageable chunks, and if you’ll recall, one of my words for 2017 is discipline. I feel like this resource novel is a way that I am demonstrating discipline and commitment to the craft of writing, and not even just to writing, but to becoming a stronger writer.

Anyways, I get started reading the book, and like a true learner I’m taking notes, when she mentions that she has a podcast. I’m always hesitant about podcasts because I’m not an audio learner. I have to read things to understand them, so I always feel like I’m barely scratching the surface of the new information that I’m learning, but in wanting to be more efficient with my time, I decided to give it a try during my morning commute. I started with episode 30 because that’s as far back as the downloader would go, and I spent my entire commute listening to Pereira interview a published author all about her craft, with a focus on establishing setting.

Disclaimer: As with all podcasts, parts of this one are a little awkward. But guess what? I can 100% wade through the awkwardness in order to hear some of the nuggets of wisdom from a published author. Her focus on setting reminded me of some important concepts that I learned in undergrad but had forgotten. I’ve listened to three more episodes since the first one, and I’m hooked. I feel like I’m doing something productive, and as I’m working on my new WIP, it’s nice to be reminded of some of the little things.

Any of you trying to find ways to be more efficient with your time so that you can meet those goals you set in 2017?


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