And So I Did


I have a lot of friends who are able to blog about WHATEVER THEY WANT! I’m serious! They blog about weight loss, decorating their home, thrift shopping, exercise. The list goes on. So, yesterday, as I was perusing these lovely blogs, specifically Madi at And So I Did, Jess at No Happier Hour, and Ashley at Afternoons With You, I was overcome with this sense of jealousy. My blog is so specific, I thought. I can’t do that. Wrong! So, as I was feeling the jealousy of this awesome community that they were creating, I decided that I wanted to take part in that as well. So, starting today, Monday will be my lifestyle post day. My first post is all about participating in Sunday’s Scales.

So, here are my fitness goals for this week:

1. Go to Krav Maga Monday and Wednesday.

2. Attend the Combat Fit class once.

3. Run four times.

4. Choose another half marathon and register.

5. Weight Train three days.

Now, I weighed this morning, but I didn’t have time to take the fancy pictures. That will happen this afternoon, hopefully. On the scale, I came in at just under 150. I have a ten week goal to get down to 140, run another half marathon, and hold myself accountable to weight training three days a week. Wish me luck!

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