Prepare yourself for a sappy post! Seriously. It’s going to be oozing love. Just kidding. But it might be a little bit sappy.

It was my first week of college and my new found friends and I were doing exactly what college students should do their first week of school: meeting people, going to parties, learning the layout of the town, and trying not to panic that our first round of classes were coming up. I have always been the Momma Bear of any group I’m in. Usually I don’t have any interest in participating in the fun, so I sit back and watch, taking notes about behavior, and generally people watching. When one of my new friends was going to hang out with one of her old friends, I decided to check him out, you know, make sure that he was an alright guy. And, because my mom taught me well with so many crime shows, to get his name so that I could tell the cops if my friend disappeared. She didn’t disappear, but it wasn’t all for naught.

He pulled up in this sleek black car with dark tinted windows. “Nice car,” I said. And it was. When I was looking to buy a new car, the Saturn Ion Quad had been in my top two. I don’t really remember what was said after that moment. I don’t know what we talked about or what kind of ultimatum I had given because I didn’t know this guy and I wanted my friend to be safe.

Nathan in his sleek black car at 17.

Nathan in his sleek black car at 17. Can you blame me? I mean, seriously. 

What I do remember is the feeling a couple of weeks later when I knew that Nathan was my person, even if he didn’t know it yet. I remember getting to know each other, watching movies in my dorm room, cooking meals. I remember the first real conversation that we had over coffee at Starbucks. I remember watching him stir in the whipped cream on his frappuccino and thinking he was crazy (he still does this, and it’s still weird). I remember him trying to teach me how to play tennis and teaching me that not all good music is rock music. I remember lunch dates in the cafeteria and study dates in the library.

I remember so much, even as I know that I’m forgetting even more. Today, we are saying goodbye to the car that started it all. What might have happened had he been driving anything else? Would the same connections have been made? Would it have taken us longer to figure it out? What we might have missed out on had his car not been the jumping off point for so many more conversations?

Goodbye, “Nice car.” Thanks for starting something so spectacular.

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