So, I told you that I had a lot on my plate. I’ve been busy. I haven’t been writing because my life has been a chaotic whirlwind of frustrating misadventures that have given me patience and helped me to grow as an individual. I will say, however, that those lessons have been hard learned and full of surprises.

Back in August, Nathan and I decided that we should sell our house in Fayetteville. There were quite a few reasons for this, but really, it came down to time and space. We needed just a little bit more square footage and we were tired of the commute that was anywhere from thirty minutes to an hour one way. So we started looking at houses in Rogers, where we both work, and found one. It was definitely a fixer upper and a little outside the price range that we wanted, but it had so much to offer. The inside wasn’t perfect, but we knew that we could make it perfect with time- we had done that once before. It also had access to the Razorback Greenway Trail from the back yard, so I was so excited for that.

But, as usual, the best laid plans sometimes just don’t work out. Eight days before closing on both houses, the deal fell through on the house we were planning to buy. We were both pretty crushed and we didn’t have a solid back up plan. Nathan’s parents were so kind and lovingly let us move in with them: me, Nathan, Oliver, Willow, and Dakota. I don’t know about you, but nothing says love to me like saying, “Sure, you, your family, and your two adorable but very annoying dogs are welcome to come stay with us.”

What did work out, however, was that the very next day a house came on the market that we thought just might work for us. 2,100 sq. ft. with a beautiful back yard and a sunroom? That sounded pretty nice. Super ugly? Perfect. We love super ugly homes that we can update and make better. Next thing you know, we’re under contract on a different house and hoping against all hope that the deal doesn’t fall through.

But what happens next? Well, you’ll have to wait around for the rest of this story. It’s too long to write one post, and I want to give pictures a long the way. Suffice it to say, we recently got to move into our new house (partially complete) and we’re still working weird hours trying to finish everything. What we love, though, is the extra time that we’ve gained back. And for just a taste, here is a before and after of the exterior.



The picture is pretty cruddy due to the weather and the ladder and the nose of my super beautiful Subaru in the picture, but just so you know, it looks much fresher and more inspired now. I love the shade of gray that we chose and the white trim makes it pop. Right now, I’m staring down all that monkey grass that has to be removed. Wish me luck.

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