I’m almost finished reading The Bone Clocks by David Mitchell. It’s a book that I probably would have never picked up on my own. Probably never. But, I will say that for the most part I’ve enjoyed it. It might play a little too far into mixing reality with a sort of fantasy for me, but I’m glad that I’ve read it. 

I also finished Lucky Us by Amy Bloom. It was interesting read, full of realism and ideas that ultimately made me uncomfortable. My biggest complaint about this novel was there was a pretty significant amount of sex in the beginning that I didn’t always feel was necessary. Yes, the scenes moved the story forward, but I didn’t feel like they gave me a glimpse into the character that I would have otherwise missed. The end of the novel, maybe the last 100 pages were the saving grace for me. It’s when you see what Eva, the main character, is actually made of. You see a person’s willingness to fight through the dark and scary and ultimately come out exactly where she was meant to be. There’s something powerful in following a character through the darkest times and into the light. The way that the characters lives intertwined towards the end gave an otherwise gloomy story a happy-ish ending, and that helped as well. I gave this one three out of five stars on goodreads.

Up next On My Nightstand is to read Me, Earl, and the Dying Girl by Jesse Andrews. This one comes highly recommended by one of my learners and I just can’t wait to start it. Hopefully this week won’t be so crazy that I don’t have time to read and relax just a little bit.

I’m also listening to (finally Ashley, I’m listening to your recommendation!) Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell. I’m at the point in my training that I’m running much longer distances and listening to books helps keep my mind focused on something other than the miles that I’m tracking. Both books for this week are YA focused, and I’m probably going to need some adult novels in my life after I finish these two.

School is officially started, real estate is rolling slowly forward, writing is this blog, and my life is about to be crazier than ever, at least until I finish real estate. It feels good to push forward and do my best work. There are some things in the works, and I’ll keep you all posted. Happy Monday friends! What are you reading? Anything I need to add to my Nightstand?

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