I’ve been in the business of changing my mind for pretty much my whole life. I’ve always been comfortable trying something new or taking a risk. Once I make up my mind to do something, for the most part, the fear dissipates and the drive to be successful takes its place.

When I was eighteen and looking for my first job doing hair, knowing that my college schedule was the most important thing for me, I was terrified. All it took was one month working at a shoe store to tell me that I needed to use the cosmetology license that I had worked so hard to get. Later, after I had worked at that same salon for three years and had graduated from college and was trying to figure out the next step, I realized that doing hair for the rest of my life just wasn’t part of my long term plan. When I decided that, it only took me a couple of months to find a Masters degree program that I was interested in and start that process.

I’ve thrown myself whole-heartedly into teaching for the past five years. This year will be my first to teach the same content twice. This will be my third year at my school. This is the year that I’ve been looking forward to. The one where we refine what we did last year and make it better, where we reflect on how things are working and make changes. This is an exciting year, so of course I needed to add something new. I would hate to see myself get complacent.

The plan was to finish over the summer, and unfortunately that was easier said than done in the summer of trainings and work related trips. I went to Chicago, Washington, D.C., spent a week at the U of A, and one week co-directing Teenswrite. It was a busy summer. In July, I started my real estate course.

If you follow my blog regularly, you see all the updating that Nathan and I have done on Shell Cottage. We love the act of remodeling and making something that was once ugly very pretty. I hate to say it, but I’m pretty sure our house is now the prettiest in the neighborhood (I’m partial though). We have always said that when we need to get a bigger house, we want to use our current home as a rental property and eventually we would like to have several rental properties. One of the first steps on this path is for me to get my real estate license. I had no idea the can of worms I was opening until it was too late.

The list of courses

The list of courses

This isn’t a complete list. I had already started the course when I felt like I needed the satisfaction of crossing off the list. I have been working hard on this course, using all of my spare time to work on it, but it’s just slow going. Yesterday, I did all of the green cross off. I’m working hard, it’s just hard to go fast because I actually want to understand what I’m learning. The goal is to finish by August 31. I’m not convinced that that will happen. Adding school back into my schedule might mean that I have to push my deadline back a bit. That’s okay.

I’m learning a ton, and I really think that real estate is something that I will definitely be able to enjoy. Right now, though, I mostly miss my writing time, because every available moment is tuned into this course. When I get it done, I’ll be ready to get back to Alec, Linnea, and Bryony. I’m ready to finish sharing their story.

I’ll keep you all updated as I work through this course. I highly recommend going to the week long training instead of doing the online course if real estate is something that you are interested in. It would be nice to already be done. But, I made my bed, and for a while at least, I’ll be focused on finishing this real estate course.


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