Today is the first day that I am 26. For some reason, I woke up yesterday and decided that I wouldn’t count myself as 26 until the next day. I’m not sure if that is logical or allowed, but who are we kidding? I do what I want, and I didn’t want to turn 26. I still don’t really want to be 26. Yes, I realize that it is much preferable to the alternative, but that doesn’t mean I have to always be excited to be on this growing up train.

There were so many ways that 25 was such a great year, and at the same time, there were so many ways that 25 was difficult. Hard in the gut-wrenching am I doing the right thing kind of way. I think in many ways I was ready to see 25 off, but mostly I’m so scared of getting older, afraid that I’m not doing the things that will ultimately lead to my success and my happiness. I’ve never been one to be afraid of the future, so this feeling that I’ve had has been weird. Today I woke up and decided that I would be sure that 26 was the best year so far. Here are my year 26 commitments:

– Continue to write even though the writing has been nothing but hard.

– Tell the truth even when the truth is hard.

– Make time for myself and stop over booking. I know I require alone time, but more often than not I ignore that about myself because I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. This leads to grumpy Casey.

– Read more books and watch less tv.

– Allow myself more time to exist instead of trying to constantly be checking things off of my list.

– Focus on paying off what little debt we have so that we can be independent.

-Go overseas with Nathan.

– Write the next novel.

– Love on my puppies. Take Willow on more runs and Dakota on more walks.

– Run another half marathon and possibly a marathon. I hear 26 is the best year for that.

– Write more cards and mail more letters.

– Don’t forget to reflect on the times.

Here is the picture of Nathan and I from yesterday. Isn’t he handsome?

May 10, 2015

We celebrated in all the best ways. I got everything that I could have wanted. My friends came together and bought me outdoor lounge chairs and celebrated with me and Sam last weekend. I got outdoor dishes, work out clothes, cushions for the outdoor furniture, money, a garden with a fence, and lights for the canopy. This weekend we spent time with family, and Nathan and I got to spend some quality time together. I sat outside a couple of times (there was a ton of rain this weekend, so the outdoor time was limited to Saturday morning for the most part), I read almost an entire book, I didn’t do anything work related, and I feel rejuvenated and ready for this week.  This weekend was good.

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