Yesterday, I did not feel well. It was less of a stomach ache or a headache or a sore throat and more of a fact that I mentally did not feel well. It happens sometimes. I get into this funk, and the funk then turns into what I call melancholy. I could also dub this weirdness as Eeyore syndrome.

I just seem to find myself in a weird place and I have no idea how to get myself out of it. It always passes. Sometimes it only lasts a couple of hours, sometimes it will last an entire day. I don’t like talking to people, I don’t like working, I can usually read a book or watch television, and I often clean during this time. I leave my phone in the other room so I don’t have to text or call back, and I check it only occasionally. The only person that I can really say I like during this time is Nathan, and that’s because he gives me lots of hugs and tells me he loves me even when I’m melancholy.

I’ve decided my melancholy comes from a lack of sunshine. I’ve said it a million times that I am solar powered, and I’ll say it again. I just feel better when I have the sun in my face and time outside. Today, I will not have an Eeyore day, even though there is snow on the ground and no sunshine in the sky yet. Today, I will have a positive, coffee-filled, writing time, trip to the gym and mass Sunday. I will get the stuff accomplished that I didn’t get accomplished yesterday. I will be happy and I will have a wonderful Sunday so that starting tomorrow I can have a wonderful Monday. That’s just the way things are going to be.

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m really ready for spring, and I’m counting down the days (6) until Daylight Savings Time so that the sun can stay out to play a little longer. If you start feeling like Eeyore, remember you’re not alone, and the funk will pass. It always does.


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