Discipline- train oneself to do something in a controlled and habitual way.

Peace- freedom from disturbance; quiet and tranquility.

Balance- a condition in which different elements are equal or in the correct proportions, offset or compare the value of (one thing) with another.

I can’t believe a new year is here again. So many things have changed for me since January of last year, but my heart is so full. Back in December when I was gearing up for the new year and setting my goals for 2017, I started the process of identifying my word for the year.

Usually the goal is to choose one word as a focus for the entire year. Last year, my word was authenticity. I worked to remind myself to be authentic in the things that I did, in the time that I spent, and in recognizing those things that made me happy. Over the year, so much changed that when I look back, I barely recognize the person that I was before, but at the same time I feel that I have never been a more authentic version of myself.  

This year, I have three words. I know, I know, what an overachiever. I just can’t help it. There are reasons, so just trust me. I need all three. Here is what I know about myself- I have big dreams and big goals. I am willing to make a lot of sacrifices to meet those goals and accomplish those dreams. I also know that my time commitments are a little different now with Oliver in my world. I have writing goals, fitness goals, teaching goals, reading goals, real estate goals, mom goals, wife goals… basically if it is a big part of my life, I probably have a goal attached to it. In order to accomplish these goals with grace, I feel like I need three words to focus my intentions for the year. 

67824684-discipline-wallpapersThe first is discipline. Even though so much changed last year for the better, one thing that I feel like I lost a little bit of was my sense of self-discipline. Before I got pregnant and was sick all the time (thanks, O.), when I committed to something, I always followed through. 2016 was full of a lot of excuses for me, some reasonable and necessary- like it’s hard to complete an a.m. workout when you’re throwing up all the time. Some of them were not so reasonable or necessary- giving up my time to write. This year, I know that in order to accomplish my goals, I have to practice discipline, and that is exactly what I plan to do.

peace-is-not-merely-a-distant-goal-that-we-seek-but-a-means-by-which-we-arrive-at-that-goal-peace-quotesMy second word for 2017 is peace. The world is chaotic, my world is hectic and busy, and sometimes a little bit of peace(fulness) goes a long way. I want to exude peace in my dealings with others and in my dealings with myself. I want to bring peace to my family and to my learners. I want my gift to the world this year to be peace.

The third and final word for 2017 is balance. I have so many dreams, passions, and pursuits that are so varied. 4bd25c41b90f8796c448f8becf09f276Writing. Reading. Teaching. Real Estate. Fitness. While I am exuding peace and practicing self-discipline, I believe it is also important to find balance in my day-to-day. Nathan is pretty fond of reminding me that I can do anything, but I can’t do everything, and he is so right. I can’t be the best at everything that I do and all the discipline in the world will not bring me peace if I am overextending myself.

Discipline. Peace. Balance. All served in equal parts. These are my goals for 2017.

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