So, my birthday is coming up in less than a month. I’m going to be 26. Recently, Nathan and I have discovered that we are getting older. I’ve never felt it in the same way that I’m feeling it now. Not in an “I’m so old” way, but more in a “time marches ever onward” way.

Anyways, this isn’t a reflective post! That will come as the day gets closer! This is a dream birthday list post. Get ready, and if you want to buy me anything feel free! =)

1. A lounge chair. In the summer I love to lay out and soak up the sun. Usually, I wake up early and write, then I go outside and garden. By the time the gardening is done, the sun is high in the sky without it being afternoon-hot. I always have a hard time enjoying that sunshine because I don’t have a way to layout. The one that I have picked out is at Sam’s Club and it looks kind of like this:



2. More Terra Cotta Pots. I know. I have quite a few right now, but I want more! I need some more large terra cotta pots because I know that as my plants get larger, I’m going to need to put them in larger pots. I’m talking about the Brussels sprouts. They’re huge. Plus, I like the really plain terra cotta pots so as to better showcase the plants. images 3. Capri Leggings and tank tops. I have two pair of leggings that my mom in law got me probably two years ago. I love them so much that I’ve almost worn them to the point that they are no longer wearable. I need more! I like the ones at Academy, the BCG brand, that are both inexpensive and comfortable. I wear a medium top and bottom.


4. Outdoor dinnerware that is made out of that weird plastic stuff that doesn’t break. It always makes me nervous to eat outside, but it’s also the only place that I want to eat when spring comes, so I figure it’s time to get that figured out. I really like these, or something like them (Target).

Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 5.46.44 AM Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 5.47.03 AM

6. The Barnes & Noble or Onyx gift card always goes a long way for me. I get books for me and for my classroom and we all know how much I LOVE coffee. =) Especially Onyx coffee. I would also take gift cards to Lowes (we’re redoing an outdoor eating area that was gifted to us, so we have to buy wood and stain for it, and you all know that Nathan and I are the King and Queen of home projects, so a Lowes gift card will help us accomplish many wonderful projects! It’s the gift that keeps on giving!)


Anyways, this is my dream list of things that I want for my birthday. They are in no order (except for the first one, it’s pretty high priority!). I’m feeling so reflective about the first 25 years of my life right now and I just realized that this is the first year in a long time that I’ve done a birthday list. Nathan and I are so close to having the perfect outdoor area at our house, the inside of the house is one bathroom remodel away from being complete, and I will say that the first 25 years have been amazing. Only 78 or so more left to live, so I better make them count. (Yes, I will live to be 103.)

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