I love new beginnings. The feeling of starting fresh with a new year is a lot like breathing in the air on the first crisp day of fall. The wind blows, the leaves rattle, and your lungs feel like they are taking in fresh air for the first time. That’s what a new year is like for me. It feels so open, so full of possibilities. It’s like an adventure that you can only anticipate.

I’ve been thinking long and hard all day about what should be in my first post of 2015. I have lots of ideas for upcoming posts (like my Advocare 24 Day Challenge meal plan and updates on my progress, or the accidental bathroom renovation that one purchased countertop started), but none of them seem to be about the right things. With so much promise when it comes to the new year, I want my post to be filled with that sense of hope and excitement.

I could talk about all the great things that happened in 2014. I could do another post about how much I love writing and how my writing life transformed in 2014. I could write about my career as a teacher and the possible future careers I’m thinking about. I could write about my marriage and how Nathan and I have so much to be thankful for, but most importantly we have each other to be thankful for. I could talk about my friends and my family, the ones that seem to always be right where I need them.

I could do so many things, but I just want to share a few of my New Year’s Resolutions with you all. I love New Year’s Resolutions. A couple of years ago, my New Year’s Resolution was to write a novel. Now I’ve written quite a few, but I can’t help but think that making that resolution put me on the right path. I love committing myself to a task, thinking about it, ruminating on where it can take me. It makes my heart feel good to get to the end of the year and look at what I accomplished, and even sometimes what I didn’t accomplish. My resolutions looked something like this last year:

  • My word of the year: Totes Magotes (damn that commercial)
  • Want: To read 52 Books
  • Need: To remodel the kitchen
  • Share: A vacation with Nathan
  • Succeed: Write, edit, and send of one novel

In reflection, I definitely overused Totes Magotes. I totes magotes love that phrase still. I have no idea how many books I read because I don’t always put them on Goodreads. This year I’ll do better! The kitchen remodel is done and beautiful! Nathan and I went on a cruise, snorkeled, read, sun bathed, and had ourselves a merry time. The last goal was about success. I didn’t complete this goal. I wrote two novels this year, but, now that I have experience on my side, I realize that edit and revise are two very different concepts, and I refuse to send something out that isn’t my best.

Without further adieu, here’s to 2015!

  • My word: Revision (don’t be afraid to make mistakes because you can always revise them later. This is for writing and for life.)
  • Want: To take Krav Maga classes again. Read and document that I have read 52 books!
  • Need: Spare bathroom, Master bathroom, and Master closet remodel (It worked for getting the kitchen redone, so I’m hopeful!)
  • Share: Volunteer; Vacation again!
  • Succeed: Finish Look to the Sky and send her off! Also, get back to Lyndon and Kennedy, my new characters for my next novel who have been playing around in my head for a while now.
  • Fitness: Run 12 races; Successfully complete the Advocare 24 Day Challenge; Cut myself a little bit of slack every once in a while.

What are your big plans for 2015?


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