Yesterday was glorious. It was what I like to call the almost perfect Saturday. The perfect Saturday for me involves dirt, the sunshine, gardening, planting, writing, reading, and spending time with Nathan. Yesterday, I got to do all of those things except read. I really can’t complain about that.

Nathan and I, for the first time ever, got money back on our tax returns, and in celebration we decided to do two things with the money: he got a new grill and I got a potting table, bags of dirt, and a soaker hose. It was a fair transaction. The rest of the money will of course go into savings, but it was nice to get some of the things that we have been needing.

This year we are working on making the outside of our house reflect the inside. We’ve started the process of painting the brick and our back yard projects seem to be getting bigger and bigger. I’ll be posting about those projects as they happen, but yesterday I did something that I have never done before. With limited help from Nathan, I put together my potting table. This is what it looked like out of the box:


Can you say intimidating? This doesn’t include the sixteen packages of screws, bolts, lugs, and washers either. I’ve never put anything like this together before, and usually when I see that many pieces and parts, I panic. After several hours, my progress looked like this: IMG_4478Yeap. I did it. I was successful. And, after some rearranging and prettifying, it looked like this:


I have to say that I love it. It holds all of my stuff, gives me workable space, and looks nice against the house. I’m a happy planter (see what I did there? planter instead of camper?).

More house updates will happen as Nathan and I get more things done. Hope you all have a wonderful Easter Sunday with your families and friends. And, if it isn’t raining where you are, go plant something.


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