Every year, when winter is finally loosening her clutches on my little area of the world, when the mornings are still too cool for shorts, but the afternoons are perfect for sunbathing, I start to get this feeling in my stomach. It’s like being a kid and anticipating Santa Claus coming in the night or waiting for morning when you’ll leave for vacation. This time for me, though, is Spring.

When fall happens, I’m always ready. I love wearing boots and scarves and I’m always ready for a little bit cooler weather. My love for Spring is so much stronger. Around February I start looking forward to Spring’s arrival. I love to plant and grow and work and play and run and go to the Farmer’s Market. All of these things, these best memories, are Springtime memories.

I count this weekend as the first official weekend of Spring because it is the first weekend that my hands have gotten dirty. This year I’m tripling my garden’s size, so I’m hand tilling the ground to get it ready. It’s slow work and it always leaves blisters on my hands, but I know that this summer when I’m picking those sweet tomatoes it will all be worth it.

Yesterday, I bought and planted lettuce and Brussel’s sprouts, lemon thyme, cilantro, flowers, and sage in terra cotta pots. I’ve always wanted to find a cohesive potting style, and until I saw the way the terra cotta pots looked together on Fixer Upper, I didn’t really like them. So, I’m slowly replacing all of my regular pots with terra cotta and I feel like they couldn’t be more beautiful!

Terra Cotta Pots Now, I’m sitting here thinking about this world that goes through this yearly rebirth and I can’t help but wonder if that is how I feel when Spring comes, if that is why I look forward to Spring the way that I do. I love fresh starts and new beginnings, and maybe Spring gives me that same sense of a new beginning. All winter I feel like I’m fighting this meaner version of myself, but when Spring comes I feel like I can do anything. I feel like in Spring time I am the best version of myself.

I even wonder if I could have that feeling year round. Part of it has to come from slowing down, from putting my hands in God’s soil and spending time just breathing, not listing what I need to accomplish. Yesterday, I spent over an hour quietly working with my plants, and that act of slowing down, of listening made me feel so much more in control.

This Spring I have different goals than the ones that I would normally have. I just want to slow down and appreciate my life for what it is. I want to continue to be thankful for the things that I have and never forget how this season makes me feel. I want to listen to my heart, mind, and body, and find a way to balance my world. Spring, the time of rebirth and do-overs, seems like the perfect time to start.

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