This weekend we celebrated mine and Sam’s birthdays. Being born on or around Mother’s Day means that sometimes you just have to celebrate early, and I wasn’t complaining. It’s been a little quiet over here because life has been so busy. We’ve spent HOURS on the back yard, bringing it up to our summer standards and adding so many details. I’ve seriously never been so proud of our hard work.

One thing that I really try hard at is not being the type of person who always wants new things instead of making the old things better. It helps that my style is a little more messy than perfect. Anyways, this past weekend we refinished some furniture that was given to us and the weekend before that we built a fence around my garden. Really, we did the entire garden. It’s been a several weekend process getting everything ready, but yesterday’s birthday party was the perfect time to showcase all of our hard work. We had more than fifteen people here, and they really did fit relatively comfortably.

I had so much fun and I have to say thank you to all of my friends for all they do, big and small, to help me be myself, to encourage me and strengthen me. Enjoy the pictures, and I’ll try not to be so quiet this week!

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