So, it’s fiction Friday! As I sit here, I can’t help but wonder where in the world this week went. It truly felt like it flew by, and this weekend will probably fly by as well with all of the wonderful things that I have going on! For Fiction Friday, I’m going to explore the setting of my current WIP.

The set up is that my dear main character, hyperactive tomboy Jane, and her best friend August, have been transported into another world where fairies exist and the possibilities seem endless. This will be one of the first encounters with this new fairy-filled world.


Jane and August kept walking in circles around the tiny room. The walls were wooden and worn, and with every step a creak sent chills down both their spines. “He better leave both of us alone after this,” Jane said, not in the least bit afraid.

“You didn’t have to do this you know,” August countered. He was following her around the room, absently pulling the curls on his head straight. “I do fine on my own.”

“Obviously you do fine. You have to stand up for yourself. That’s what my dad always says. Bullies get their power from you,” she finished in a falsely deep voice.

“I know that. I don’t need you sticking up for me. If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t be locked in this stupid house where everything is haunted.”

“It’s a haunted house?” Jane asks him, looking around with a new light in her eyes. This is exactly the kind of adventure that she had been looking for ever since her mom had forced her into the suburbs.

August looked at his watch again. “It’s time to go. We’ve been in here long enough,” he said as he reached up to pull on his curls again.

“You’re going to pull your hair out if you don’t stop,” Jane told him as she opened the door and walked out.

Nothing was the same.

Her eyes darted from one corner of what should have been the front yard to the other, but nothing was where it was when they walked into the house. She stood in the doorway staring, amazed at the scene that lay in front of her.

Everything was green. The dilapidated house still stood behind them, but the rows of just right houses across the main road were no longer there. In their place lay miles and miles of forest. Huge trees, unlike any Jane had seen in real life loomed in front of them on either side, lights darting and resting around them.  The trees weren’t just brown and green like she was used to, but black and purple, blue and pink. Some were tall and thin, reaching high into the sky before showing their colors, and some were short and squat. The smallest tree was closest to the house and was fully formed but was only to Jane’s knee. Where the front yard once was, there were now bright green covered hills.


“Fairy mounds,” Jane breathed.

“What are you talking about,” August asked as he pushed by her and onto the front porch. “Wow,” was all that came from his mouth as his eyes darted. He grabbed Jane’s hand, pulled her back into the house, and  slammed the door shut. The house seemed to sigh in disapproval.

“What are you doing?” Jane yelled at him, wrenching the door back open. The world was still blanketed in green, and the lights around the trees still moved. She breathed a sigh of relief. “Why would you do that?” she turned on him.

“I don’t want to be here. I don’t want to be here,” August kept echoing.

“That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard,” she said as she stepped off the porch and made her way down the stairs to the yard.

Jane did what Jane always does, and she set out to explore. The grass was squishy and giving under her feet, and as she made her way to the lights, she knew what she was going to find. She had read enough books, enough fairytales to realize that this was her grand adventure. This was her Narnia, her Great Tree of Avalon.


This is my fifteen minutes of fiction writing this morning. I know it’s a bit short, and remember, first draft my friends. Hopefully, Jane and August will continue their adventure into the unknown!

Happy Friday!

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