“Regular people have such a hard time listening to the low hum of instinct.”

The Witch of Little Italy

Well, Suzanne, here’s what my instinct says: I don’t care what I have to do, where I have to go, or what kind of crazy schemes or fraternity style hazing I have to go through. I want to be a Lost Witch, too.

There, I’ve said it. I loved this book so much I wanted to be a character in it.

I feel like I’m one of those lucky people because I get to be friends with some of the most inspiring people in my world. Now, I’m not friends with Suzanne Palmieri, yet, but I am friends with one of my very favorite creative writing professors from college, and any book that she recommends quickly makes it to the top of my “To Read” pile.

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This book did not disappoint! There are so many things that I loved: the characters, the setting, the ending, the relationships, the mystery, the love, the MAGIC! See, I told you, so many things…


So, a quick synopsis that doesn’t even begin to cover the true essence of the story is that it is about a girl who finds herself. But it is so much more.

When Eleanor Amore finds herself young, pregnant, and alone, she sneaks out to the Bronx where her grandmother and two great aunts live, along with some other individuals that they have adopted. But there is a part of her past that she can’t remember, a part that involves her family. When she was younger she stayed with them, but she can’t remember anything before the day that she left them that summer when she was ten years old.

Called to her family by “The Sight,” something that all the Amore women have and something that grows stronger in Eleanor everyday, she goes and lives with them. Facing a pregnancy and a history that she can’t remember, Eleanor becomes Elli, putting down roots in an unlikely place that she comes to call home.

In my adult life, I have spent a lot of time reading YA and middle grade literature because I have a longing for magic. I need it. Sometimes the reality of the world feels crushing and overwhelming and I need that spark of fantasy to keep me going. The Witch of Little Italy has that magical spark in an adult book. Are there dragons? No, but there are people who are often the worst kind of dragons. Is there magic? Yes, but not the kind that requires a wand. And most importantly, there is love. Family love, new child love, garden love, the love of something new and the love of re-finding something lost.

I know, I know. I sound so sappy! I just can’t help it. This book started a book-lution for me! I had no idea that there were adult books that had that spark of magic that I was looking for. Suzanne Palmieri captures a lot of human emotion and seamlessly interweaves the magical with reality.

So, visit her newly redesigned website: www.suzannepalmieri.com. When you’re done, go to Barnes and Noble or your favorite local bookstore and buy The Witch of Little Italy. I can’t imagine a world where you would be disappointed.

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I’ve read this one, too. I’m kind of an author fanatic, so I obsessively read everything by that author when I find words that I love and can’t get out of my head. This novel is historical fiction, so a different genre all together. Either way, I felt the same connection to the characters and loved the entire story.

Coming Soon by Suzanne Palmieri:
The Witch of Belladonna Bay and I’m really looking forward to this one!

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