Ophelia and the Marvelous Boy by Karen Foxlee is a fun, imaginative tale of a little girl named Ophelia Jane Worthington-Whittard who goes on an adventure to save the Marvelous Boy and the rest of the world from the awful might of the Snow Queen. Middle grade literature is one of my favorite genres to read in because it has all the fantasy elements I love: villains, young, creative lead characters, fantastic creatures, both scary and delightful. I mean seriously, what’s not to love about all of those things?

So, when my book club chose Ophelia for that weeks reading, I was beyond excited.

Ophelia’s mother has recently died, and everyone, her father and older sister included, is trying to cope with her loss. Ophelia’s father, a leading expert on swords, takes a job at a huge museum in a town where the snow never stops. Ophelia, while she is exploring, looks through a keyhole and finds a boy that is being held captive. Scientifically minded Ophelia then goes on a magical adventure of friendship and courage to save the boy, save the city, save the world.

images-4So, the storyline was great. There was enough adventure balanced with a just the right amount of background information to really be invested in Ophelia. I wanted her to succeed. I also loved the nameless Marvelous Boy. He was just a sweet character who needed Ophelia’s help. Again, so far so good. Each chapter was a stand alone adventure, which is typical for most middle grade literature.

One issue that I had was with the writing style. There seemed to be a lot of telling instead of showing when it came to the story of the Marvelous Boy.Other than that, I loved it. Even though the writing style wasn’t my favorite, my love of the characters was enough to keep me reading. I would say it was definitely worth the read.

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